New Smartwatch Measures Sexual Performance So You Can See How Awesome You Are In The Sack

by 3 years ago
Geeksme smartwatch sex tracker


Think you’re pretty killer when it comes to sexy-time in the bedroom? Well, now there is a smartwatch that can tell you how you’re doing when it comes to having sex.

Bonus: tracking how you do when having sex is way more fun than seeing how many stupid steps you take in a day.

Spanish startup Geeksme has created a smartwatch that tracks your sexual performance and even stores statistics so you can compare one love-making session to all the rest.

The GME1, which also records things like fitness, sleep and your ecological footprint, has a special “love mode” you hit before heading to pound town that performs this magic.

“Users can opt to activate g!love mode before they have sex,” a spokesman for Geeksme told The Local.

“The device has been specially designed to analyze and interpret information of the movements made during sex to allow users to know how many calories they have lost and how much fat has been burned, as well as the intensity of the workout.”

And for people who are sticklers for statistics, the watch provides users with a detailed breakdown of data after each love-making session.

“The user can keep track of the start and end time, the duration of the act, how often they have sex, including weekly, monthly and annual statistics and graphs showing the intensity of movement.”

Following your workout in the bedroom, the device asks “how was it this time?” offering a choice of emojis – bad, regular, normal, good and great – with which to record the experience.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now you just have to find someone to have sex with and you’ll be all set!

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