This Is The Most Inexplicable Snowmobile Accident You’ll Ever See

The title of this YouTube video is ‘Russian candidate for the Darwin Award’ and it has me thinking that a) Russians are insane, and b) Russians don’t understand what the Darwin Awards are.

The Darwin Awards are awarded each year to individuals who remove themselves from the gene pool by means of stupidity. Meaning someone dies in a manner so unthinkably stupid they’re awarded for no longer being able to create offspring. As the person above didn’t die, they’re obviously not a candidate.

They may however be a solid candidate for ‘Biggest Moron of Winter 2015’, because up until I watched that dude get sucked into the snowmobile with my own two eyes I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. I suppose I’d never really stopped to think about whether or not someone could get sucked into a snowmobile, but if I did I’m pretty certain I would have came to the conclusion that there was absolutely no way it could possibly happen. That said, let’s watch it once more in GIF: