Soldier Makes Awesome Homecoming By Surprising Son With Perfect Photobomb On School Picture Day

There’s been hundreds and maybe thousands of soldiers coming home videos uploaded throughout the years. So to come up with an original idea seems nearly impossible at this point. However Corporal James Bass brought a novel spin to his heartwarming homecoming.

James’ 8-year-old son Joshua stepped in front of the camera for his school picture at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary in Durham, North Carolina. That’s when James, who had been deployed in Kuwait for a year, executed this tactical photobomb that hit it’s target with resounding awesomeness. The third grader had absolutely no idea that his father was standing directly behind him and making faces.

The photographer showed Joshua the photo and even pointed out that his dad was in the photo, but it did not hit the boy until seconds later. He quickly races to his father for an emotional embrace.

Well there goes another soldier homecoming idea, returning military personnel are going to really have to hit the drawing board to beat this one.