Did Steven Avery From ‘Making A Murderer’ Commit Another Crime Of Sexually Abusing His Nephew Brendan Dassey?

Steven Avery has been accused of a good deal of serious crimes throughout his life and it sounds like there might be one more added to the pile. Did police, lawyers and the filmmakers behind Making A Murderer miss an appalling crime that Avery may have committed against his nephew Brendan Dassey?

Dan O’Donnell, a journalist who covered Avery’s trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach, believes Avery sexually abused Dassey. He bases this accusation because of Dassey’s interview with Manitowoc County Police on May 13, 2006. Brendan told authorities that his uncle Steven sometimes tried to grab his penis “through the pants.” Later that day, Dassey reiterated those sentiments when he talked to his mother, Barb Tadych, saying Avery “would grab me somewhere where I was uncomfortable.”

The Wrap has obtained transcripts between Brendan and his mother detailing the shocking allegations through a public records request.

Of course, Brendan has been known in the past to be a somewhat of an unreliable witness, so who really knows.