This Stone Skipping World Record Has Restored My Faith In Humanity’s Ability To Overcome Any Obstacle



Is this stone being skipped 88 times the dumbest world record ever set? Heck no. Skipping a stone 88 times across a pond (or lake?) is definitely within the lowest echelon of world records set, but this one’s pretty significant because skipping a stone 88 times for absolutely no reason other than the fact that nobody else has before is what makes life worth living. Kurt Steiner set the world record for stone skipping at 88 skips because ‘why the fuck not?

For a glorious 1-minute and 23-seconds Kurt steiner sat in limbo as his stone bounced again and again and again across that lake until he’d reached his world record milestone of 88 skips and became a blue collar hero. Give me a world record like this any day of the week over someone’s 100m dash world record that beat the previous time by some thousandth fraction of a second.

I like to think that while setting the stone skipping world record Kurt Steiner got really, really deep into shaving the perfect stones, and after that he became an amateur meteorologist so that he could pick and choose the best days to skip stones across the lake (the flattest water), and after that he just blocked off about 50% of his life to go down to the creek and skip stones. If that’s not living the fucking dream then I don’t know what is….

FWIW: Kurt Stiner’s stone skipping world record actually took place back in September of 2013, and he set the record in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest. The video didn’t make it to YouTube until January of 2015, and even today it has just over 25k views. I think that latter part is a crying shame, because video of the stone skipping world record sure as shit deserves more than just 25k views. At the very least it deserves 1,000 views for every skip, and therefore we need to bump this video up to 88,000 views. So now it’s time for you to do your part and share this video far and wide.

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