Study Reveals The Best Time To Find Jobs And When Companies Hire Most (Hint: It’s Not Saturday Afternoon)

by 6 years ago

There’s so many people battling each other for every job, even the crappy ones. You need a competitive advantage over those vying for the same precious job as you, maybe some inside information that will give you an edge. We’re here to help you get a leg up on the competition and make sure you get that job you so deserve.

The site did a study of more than 270,000 work listings and the results could truly help you in your quest for a job.

The study discovered that Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for companies to post jobs. Nearly 60% of jobs are posted between Monday and Wednesday, so this means don’t fuck off all week and then check at 3:37 p.m. on Saturday for 25 minutes before you go out for the night.

With that being said, if you’re seeking an entry-level or hourly job, the weekend actually might be your best bet. “In my experience, the types of jobs being posted and applied for on the weekends are typically hourly positions and hospitality-type positions,” states Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO of Smart Recruiters.

They went deep in their study and even found out that 11 a.m. is the most popular time of day for companies to post jobs. “Most hiring managers and recruiters come in and need to take time to catch up or get their days started,” Ternynck reasons. “By 11 a.m., they’re caught up and can post jobs and they can still catch the group of candidates that might be searching during their lunch break.”

They also find that the busiest time for jobseekers to apply for jobs is 2 p.m. So if you want to beat the flood of applications sent to H.R., skip lunch and fire off some cover letters and resumes to get an early lead on your competition.

But Tuesdays aren’t just advertising open positions because it’s also the same day when businesses make the most job offers to potential employees. “Mondays are busy and tend to get away from people before they have a chance to extend offers,” says Ternynck.

After Tuesday, the second-most-popular day for job offers is Thursday. “I find that employers are eager to make offers before the weekend starts and people are thinking more about weekend plans,” Ternynck explains. “Thursdays also give the job-seeker a weekend to think about the offer before accepting it.”

But to be ready for the week, Ternynck gives tips on what you should be doing on the weekends instead of getting white girl wasted on Fireball, “As a job candidate, take the weekend to get your ducks in a row, update your resume, get your references lined up and watch the job boards for new postings during the beginning of the week, specifically on Tuesdays.”

What are you still doing reading this? These job applications aren’t going to fill themselves out.