Nobody Is Having Sex On Mondays

by 3 years ago
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New information based on the examination of purchasing data of condoms has found that you are less likely to have sex on Monday. Or you just didn’t use the condoms you bought over the weekend.

The study finds that you buy your prophylactics on Friday or Saturday in anticipation of courting and becoming intimate with a young lady. Sadly, you’ve only purchased one box of Durex condoms and all they’ve done is collect dust in your nightstand. They’re so old that their expiration date of July 14, 2016, has come and gone. You used one condom to make sure you’d fit.

According to Instacart, an on-demand groceries company, condom sales are lowest on Mondays by a lot. This revelation comes despite Wednesday being the slowest grocery shopping day of the week.

Here’s hoping that you don’t have a case of the Mondays next week!


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