Does A Shady Group Of L.A. Swingers Want To Buy The Playboy Mansion?

Playboy's 2015 Playmate Of The Year Announcement Ceremony At The Playboy Mansion

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As we’ve reported a couple times, Hugh Hefner’s legendary residence, The Playboy Mansion, is for sale! It comes at a premium — $200 million, plus an agreement where Hef gets to live out his days in the mansion.

One vague business called “Bunny Up” says it made a bid to buy the iconic Mansion with the hopes of restoring it into a museum. According to their Facebook page, Bunny Up is an LLC based near Orlando, Florida. Not for nothing but their Facebook page looks like it was created by at 13-year-old using Microsoft Paint for the first time. Here’s the press release they issued via Esquire:


That press release raises SO MANY questions. Just me or does the future “Bunny Up Mansion” in Florida sound like a spot for (A. sex with hookers or (B. some good old fashion polyamorous wife-swapping? Wink wink wink “Romantic retreat.” Perhaps the Bunny Up Mansion is vaguely related to Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch, where both things are par for the course.

Is Hof trying to be the new Hef?

Wonder how much they’re going to invest in restoring the place? Because according to the former Playmates below, it sounds like it’s going to take some sweat, money, and tears:

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