A Shocking Number Of You Would Let Your Partner Bang Someone Else, According To This Study



I had no idea that so many of you bros in relationships were down with swinging, or letting your significant other climb up on another dude’s pole. Seriously, the number of people in relationships cool with letting their significant other sleep with someone else is astronomically higher than I ever imagined according to a recent survey.


OnePulse spoke to 1,000 men and women aged between 16 and 65, who are in relationships, to get their thoughts on whether they would allow their partner to stray.
According to the survey:
— 90% of people in relationships believe that sex is at least somewhat important to a successful relationship
— 23% say it’s ‘incredibly important’
— 36% say it’s ‘very important’
— Sex is more important to men but gets less important as they get older.
— Sex is less important to women overall but remains just as important regardless of age.
— 18% of people would allow their partner to sleep with someone else if they didn’t want to sleep with their partner anymore
7% would actually suggest this
— Married people are least likely to break up over issues relating to sex
30% of married people would break up with a partner if they didn’t want to sleep with their partner anymore
compared to 42% of those in relationships but not married
— If their partner made a similar suggestion, 21% of coupled-up Brits would likely sleep with someone else
Men are more likely to do this
32% are likely to sleep with someone else
compared to just 14% of women

So almost 1 in 5 people in relationships are cool with their partner banging someone else. Go head and think of 5 people you know in relationships, or 6 to be safe, and chances are that one of those people is totally cool with their partner bumping uglies with a complete stranger. I don’t know about you bros but I find those statistics pretty staggering.

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For more on this survey you can click on over to Metro UK.

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