Someone Imagined ‘Swipe-Free Tinder’ For Apple Watch, But The Dude In The Commercial Is Married So…. AWKWARD

Technology is amazing. Just a couple of taps on my phone and BOOM — a pizza is delivered to my face in 20 minutes. But even more amazing is Tinder for coordinating hook-ups with strangers/potential love interests with a couple swipes.

But the swiping gesture might soon become a relic of Tinder past. The design agency T-3 imagined what it’d be like if Tinder measured potential matches via heart rate using the Apple Watch.

Using the newly-available Apple Watch SDK, we figured out a way to tie heart rate to matches on Tinder. By simply looking at the photos on the watch, our application measures the change in a user’s heart rate then swipes left if the rate goes down or right if the rate goes up. We’ve removed the need for a user to take action, instead allowing data to make the decision for them. After all, the heart doesn’t lie!

Ohhh. Game changer. No more swiping! But this isn’t actually from Tinder itself, so there’s no saying if it’s something that will ever actually happen.

There’s a little teaser video for the futurist technology above. Meanwhile, how about the first dude in the video? That’s a wedding ring, right?



[H/T: Mashable]

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