Too Stoned To Talk? You Can Now Order Taco Bell Via An App

by 5 years ago

Taco Bell

Problem: You’ve been doing bong rips all night while playing Call of Duty with your Bros. You look at the time on your phone. It’s 1am. You know what you need right now? Taco Bell. Crunch Wrap Supreme. In situations like this, the answer is always Taco Bell.

Because you have all that Maui Wowie in your brain, talking to the acne-faced jabroni behind the cash register isn’t really an option. Now there’s an app that takes human interaction almost completely out of the picture of stuffing a Cheesy Gordita Crunch in your face.

Today Taco Bell became the first national fast-food chain to launch a mobile ordering and payment app. You can use the iOS and Android app for drive-thru and dining room orders and it gives you all sorts of options to customize your food, including “access to every Taco Bell ingredient.” As Business Week explains, it’s designed to get you to spend more (you stupid stoner sheep, you… of course you want gauc and extra cheese on that quesadilla:


Here’s what it looks like from our amigos at Uproxx:







No word on when Taco Bell will step up its game and add delivery. Let’s hope soon because it will soon be the season for getting drunk, stoned, and snowed-in with the munchies. Winter is coming.

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