Florida Bro Gets DUI Waiting In Taco Bell Parking Lot For Food He Forgot To Order

Shutterstock — Rob Wilson

We’ve all been drunk and craved Taco Bell. I mean, that is a sensation any Bro in the world can relate to. That first intoxicated bite.

What we can’t (probably) relate to is getting drunk, going to Taco Bell and not getting any food, because we were so drunk we forgot to order. And then getting locked up instead.

Yea, kind of a shitty evening all around, but hey, don’t drive drunk and pass out in a Taco Bell parking lot.

From The Associated Press:

The Gainesville Sun reports that 25-year-old John Edward Hopwood fell asleep at the wheel of his Kia Sorento early Friday morning before he could order his tacos.

A restaurant worker told police she woke Hopwood up, and he moved his car to a parking spot to wait for food that he never ordered. An officer found him in the restaurant parking lot, woke him up and said he failed a field sobriety test. He declined to take a breath test.

Hopwood told the officer he was asleep while waiting for tacos. The officer confirmed he’d never ordered the food.

What a brutal turn of events for that Bro.

[Via The Associated Press]