Teacher Arrested For Giving Middle Schooler Lap Dance During Class

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When I was a horny middle school kid, there were plenty of teachers I had crushes on. None of them, though, had a reciprocal interest in me, or the dancing skills and moral code of one Felicia Smith.

The 42-year-old Smith was arrested this weekend for giving a 15-year-old boy a lap dance on his birthday, in the middle of a class.

In the middle of a class. And yea, it sounds like it was a thorough effort.

The student said he sat down and Ms. Smith gave him a full contact lap dance, rotating her buttocks against him and rubbing her hands all over his body. Ms. Smith also got on her knees in front of him and placed her head between his legs. The student admitted that he slapped Ms. Smith on the buttocks a few times.

At the end of the dance, Ms. Smith wrapped her arms around the student and he gave her bottom another squeeze. She hugged him and said “I love you, baby. Happy birthday,” according to documents.

Smith claims she did so at the urging of her students, which… that’s not really a very good excuse. She has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student.

[Screenshot via KHOU; H/T Deadspin]

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