Awesome Teacher Fired After Getting Hammered On School Trip And Eating Chips From Between Her Breasts

Here’s a new one. A scandal involving a teacher who didn’t actually have sex with a student. Not that it still wasn’t completely inappropriate.

It would seem that Gillian Rew, 49, the now former headteacher at a British school had a little bit too much fun on a school trip awhile back.

Now check me on this, but you aren’t supposed to drink wine on school field trips, right? Especially if you are the headteacher. Okay, good. Because Gillian Rew reportedly slammed back eight glasses of the stuff on her trip with the kids.

According to The Sun

General Teaching Council Scotland heard how Rew also pulled herself up from the floor by holding onto a pupil’s ankles and balanced crisps between her breasts during the incident in September 2014.

She accepted that she used inappropriate language, including swearing, and told a male pupil to “put his body away as it was too sexy”.

Rew also “held her breasts and made comments about them, entered pupils’ bedrooms, ate crisps and sweets and thereafter reached into her top to take crisps from between her breasts.”

Sounds like a party to me.

Here was Rew’s take on the situation…

Rew admitted in her hearing that she was “mortified” by her behaviour and at the time was drinking too much, partly as a result of working 14-hour days among hostile colleagues.

But she claimed she did not think any of her pupils “would have been particularly alarmed” by the events at Lockerbie Manor in September 2014 – claiming they were “a bit of light banter.”

She also confirmed that on the night she stayed up until 4am, and had drunk eight glasses of sauvignon blanc from a box.

Discussing her decision to take wine on the school trip, she said: “I honestly don’t think that I was in a particularly good place to make proper cognitive decisions.”

That box wine will get you every time.

The Sun also has a copy of a tweet a student sent out after she was let go which read, ““Mrs Rew came to a party with us aswell and k’oed on the couch, that’s the way teacher should be, god bless Gilliian rew.”

God bless her, indeed.

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