The Rock Gave His Fans A Sneak Preview Of His New Under Armour Sneaker And Boy Oh Boy Is It A Beautiful Shoe

Aside from being the highest paid actor in America, The Rock has a slew of other business ventures that keep the big bucks flowing into his bank account like the constant stream of M&M’s into Chris Christie’s mouth. One such venture is his new Under Armour shoe, which The Rock was kind enough to preview for his fans in a video posted to his Instagram account:

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK: It’s a good day in footwear.
Aaaaand FINALLY.. what the world has been waiting for.. a lil’ shoe we’ll call #RocksFIYA for now, ’cause you’ll chase your greatness in them by the only way we know how.. EARNING IT.
Been training in these beasts for a year now so by the time they drop to you at the top of 2017 – you’ll know I’ve given my blood and sweat in them and kept it 💯. And one more thing.. they’re slightly aggressive. As alphas are.
Blood, sweat and respect. First two we give, last one we earn.

Will buying The Rock’s new shoe help you achieve the “six philosophies for greatness” like he has? Probably not, but will you look fly as shit wearing them around town? Definitely.