Woman Receives Letter From Time Warner Cable Calling Her A C*nt And That’s Probably Not Good Customer Service



For just one day, Comcast isn’t the worst cable company in America. The day is young, I’m sure they’ll regain their crown by lunch time, but for the morning the honor of “worst cable company” goes to Time Warner.

It’s because Time Warner Cable called a customer a cunt in a letter following up on her complaint about her cable box.

Ars Technica reports that Time Warner Cable customer Esperanza Martinez was horrified when she received a letter from TWC recently in which the company referred to her as “C**t Martinez.”

Ars says that Martinez received the letter after she called to complain about a problem with her cable box. Martinez tells Ars that she never threatened to cancel her service or got angry with the TWC representatives she spoke with, however, which is why she was so surprised to receive a letter from TWC that asked her to reconsider cancelling her service.

Cunt Martinez sounds like a porn star. Not the real woman, just the name. Martinez complained about the letter (she spells it Cundt — the d is silent) and Time Warner Cable did about what you’d expect a major company to do — nothing. They “personally” apologized.

I’d give the cunt from cable for life but I’m just a nice guy.

[H/T: BGR]