Tinder Chick Creates An Honest PowerPoint Profile To Let You Know She’s Cool With You Touching Her Ass

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Tinder is saturated with false advertisement. Chicks’ bios are always claiming they’re “spontaneous,” but they refuse to come over a complete stranger’s place past midnight on a Tuesday. Kind of whack considering they self-proclaim “love to travel.” Bottom line is that we all try to present ourselves in the very best light, whether that be choosing a picture that happens to make us better looking than we really are, or choosing qualities to throw in our bios that make us look like we actually have our shit together.

So it’s refreshing to come across a profile that, regardless of social stigma, tells it like it is.

And this 20-year-old Tinder hottie named Allie wants to let you know, via the clean template of a PowerPoint presentation, that she’s not above a booty call and a nice firm ass grab.



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Allie if you’re in the NYC area, hit me up. Or I’ll just find you and grab your ass. Then get arrested.