‘Getting My Nut Off Is A Big Deal’ – Tinder Dick Sends Deranged Rant When Girl Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him After Date

by 4 years ago

arielle musa

Her first problem? Texting this guy back at all after she’d already decided there wasn’t going to be a second date. Call me rude all you like, but if you already realize that the two of you didn’t click and chances are low that you’ll ever see each other again, why bother responding? You don’t really owe him anything other than the price of your date, and even then this is Tinder we’re talking about – if he really thought that blowing $90 on an evening entitled him to pussy, he’s either never had a good hooker in his life or is sadly mistaken on how Tinder works. Ask Matt Keohan. He can fill you in.

Some guys are just nice and want closure, or at least to be told WHY you don’t want a second date. These men deserve the explanation. But how can you be sure that you won’t wind up with some deranged bullshit like Arielle Musa had to put up with? Again, she should’ve just stopped responding – but some people like conflict. Some people like fighting. Some people like good Instagram fodder and can smell a viral text conversation before it happens:


arielle musa


arielle musa


arielle musa


arielle musa

This dude is the definition of insecure. “Your family doesn’t even love you” is possibly the most generic, unimpressive insult you can throw at someone you don’t know and once you play that card the whole world knows you’re grasping at straws.

Sometimes it pays to just quit while you’re ahead, or in this case…just shut the fuck up.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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