WonderToilet Magically Wraps Seat In Saran Before Each Use, Keeps You Free From Other People’s Poops And Pee

There’s nothing grosser than needing to deuce in a public bathroom. The warm, wafting stench. The uncertainty about cleanliness. The possibility that behind every stall door you swing open is a seat covered in someone else’s unflushed shit.

Public bathrooms showcase the worst in humanity, and how little we care for our fellow man. Why would you pee all over the seat when you know someone else will need to sit there? You ever try your damnedest to clean a filthy toilet, and not even get it close enough for it to meet your standards, then still poop anyway because there’s nothing else you can do? Just sob and shit and stew and hope you don’t get infected by the liquids and wastes that surround you?

Man, yea that brought back some bad memories.

This toilet in O’Hare tries to solve that problem, with a saran wrap covering.

Now, it is unclear to me whether each hand wave gets you a new saran wrap (very good), or if it just wipes down the saran wrap that someone else used (very bad and somehow even grosser).

Regardless, I’d still put some tp on top of it, even if it were new. I just don’t trust it *that* much.

[Via Boing Boing]