This Toothless Aussie Bro Just Gave The Television Interview Of The Year

by 2 years ago

Unlike us bashful Americans, Australians give absolutely zero fucks and, therefore, deliver television news interviews like absolute savages. Remember the drunk heroes who stopped a robbery from earlier this year? Or the legend who threw a massive party while his parents are gone and gave the most “IDGAF” interview ever?

You get the point. Aussies rule at television interviews.

Add this Australian mate who looks like Daryl from the Walking Dead to the pantheon of great Australian YouTube gems. I want him to narrate my life on a daily basis after a couple bong rips, from brushing my teeth to lame attempts to get digits at the bar. He could give the undisputed champion of Aussie YouTube content, Ozzy Man, a run for his money.

“All I had was me jocks on and he was chasing me up the street and I’m just like, mate!”

“Don’t be a hero, mate!”

Bruh he’s always outside in his underwear. No stopping him at that point.

Just press play on the video above. He’s the hero the world needs right now.

UPDATE: Turns out this Bro King has been making the rounds on all the Australian talk shows. Check out this 10-minute gem from over the weekend.

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