Crazy Sketchmeister In Trench Coat Pulls Out Knife On NYC Subway

A crazyass trench coat-clad madman was caught on video yesterday wielding what looks like a goddamn prison-forged shiv as he stood, then paced silently looking upon his fellow Q train riders, with a menacing pokerface. The vaguely hysterical filmer, Mariah Lopez Ebony managed to get the full video, and her steady string of fiery outraged comments provides some stellar humor for the otherwise foreboding event. Specifically, lines like this come to mind:

“This crazy motherf***er got a knife on the train,” Ebony says in the video. And later: “I have been in New York all my life and I have never seen some sh*t like this.”

When the NYPD officers responded to the reports of a man ‘standing with a knife in his right hand, in public view,’ and went to apprehend Ysaac Paul, he flipped the fuck out, flailed his arms every which way, but was brought down, arrested, and charged with resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, harassment and disorderly conduct. So fat kudos need rightfully be sent Ebony’s way for her on-the-ground coverage/reporting, because for all intents and purposes she probably saved those passengers from witnessing or even getting stabbed.

This sweet save couldn’t come at a better time. Since February 21st of this year police have recorded over 560 stabbings and slashings across NYC; and crimes are reported as being up 25% in 2016 within the NYC subway system.

[H/T: Patch]