Dude Dressed As Giant Rubber Penis Video Bombing CNN Live Broadcast Is The Hero We All Need

Since the mass exodus of GOP candidates from the Presidential Election a few weeks ago it seems like this election’s really lost some steam in the media. Sure, Donald Trump tried to kick things up a a few notches yesterday when he went off on the media yesterday out of nowhere, demanding that they stop scrutinizing him before brandishing a $1M check for veterans. Hillary’s been doing her best to avoid the camera as the controversy surrounding her private email server continues to pile up. It seems like we’ve just really hit a roadblock in the action, that’s why it was so refreshing to see this costumed hero dress up like a total dick and hold a sign in front of the Trump Towers in NYC during a live CNN broadcast:

You can’t help but appreciate how oblivious the CNN anchors are to the gigantic penis parading around in the background. Jim Acosta’s just going about his business as that human flesh rocket is doing his best to get himself (or herself) into the camera shot. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in here somewhere for the 2016 Presidential Election but unfortunately for me I killed a bottle of Basil Hayden’s last night and I’m only running at 50% speed today…I can’t help but wonder how Donald Trump would feel about this human dick parading around in front of his flagship NYC property though…

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(h/t DIGG.com)