Dude Reimagines ‘The Lion King’ As If Nala And Simba Were From ‘The Hood’ And Holy Hell I Cannot Stop Laughing

Every now and then on the Internet something comes along that’s so good it’s almost impossible to put into words. The story you’ll see below began on February 11th, and it comes from Twitter user ‘King Ratch-It Ralph’ (@SINice). It began with a simple tweet of ‘If Simba and Nala were from the hood’ and from there this dude went on to bust out 60+ tweets over the course of a week, telling one of the funniest goddamn stories I’ve ever seen anywhere on the Internet. He reimagined one of Disney’s greatest stories ‘The Lion King‘, into something that can make us all laugh.

I first came across this yesterday when someone took the tweets and put them into an Imgur gallery, but I know how it can be a massive pain in the ass for you bros on mobile to scroll through an Imgur gallery, how it sucks to click next on every slide. Therefore I’ve included his individual tweets (all of them). However, if you’d prefer to scroll through the Imgur gallery you can find that at the very bottom of this post…Now let’s get started:

Sooooo, that was PART ONE of ‘If Simba and Nala were from the hood’, part 2 kicks off down below with Simba trying to wake up his father, Mufasa. If you’re still interested and want to scroll through for more you can pick up that story with the tweet below, or you can begin scrolling through the Imgur gallery, whichever you prefer…


Imgur gallery:

And if any of you bros weren’t laughing while reading through this I’d just like to be the first person to inform you that you have no sense of humor. Obviously none of this shit was meant to be taken seriously, it’s a joke, don’t take it so goddamn hard.

AND I’d like to send a huge shout out to @SINice for sharing one of the funniest stories I’ve ever scrolled through on the Internet!