First Ever Two-Headed Porpoise Found By Fishermen And This Is A True Sea Monster

by 9 months ago

For years here at BroBible, I’ve been claiming that the gates of Hell are located somewhere beneath the surface of the sea. Saltwater is extremely corrosive, and every so often those gates leak some horrific creature out into the ocean that later winds up getting washed into a beach, or caught by fishermen. I’m talking about creatures such as this rare Goblin Shark, or this legitimate sea monster with the teeth of a crocodile.

Once again, the gates of hell are leaking and this time they’ve coughed up the world’s first documented two-headed porpoise. This doesn’t mean that this is the first time a two-headed porpoise has ever existed, this is just the first time that a specimen has been found. The two-headed sea monster was caught by fishermen from The Netherlands who were out in the North Sea. Foolishly, the fishermen took photographs of the specimen and then dumped it back into the North Sea instead of saving it for science, but they did take enough pictures to have this two-headed porpoise featured in the journal of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam:

The species is Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena), and there are estimated to be 700,000+ of these swimming around in the ocean. It is the ‘second known case of twinning and the first case of conjoined twins in P. phocoena‘…Meaning that this two-headed monster was actually conjoined twins, and the first time it’s ever been documented.

You can read the full Journal entry HERE in PDF form, or over on CNET where they’ve got some solid analysis on this peculiar finding.

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