Watch The Michigan Uber Gunman Who Killed Six Get Dragged Out Of Court After Interrupting Survivor’s Testimony

uber gunman

You bros may remember back in February we posted about the Uber driver named Jason Dalton of Kalamazoo, Michigan who was arrested after going on a horrific shooting rampage that killed six people in between reportedly ferrying passengers amidst his Uber shift.

This morning, the 45-year-old Dalton was dragged out of the courtroom by a handful of deputies after interrupting the testimony of Tiana Carruthers, one of the two people Dalton shot that survived her injuries. Tiana, who now walks with a cane from the injuries she sustained, was interrupted as she was speaking about how she protected the four children she was with when Dalton opened fire on the group as they were walking to a playground near their home.

Dalton was found mentally competent to stand trial but showed how crazy he was after interjecting Tiana’s tear-filled testimony by shouting about ‘old people with black bags’ and saying nonsensically ”you need to go to temple’ before Judge Christopher Haenicke was forced to call a recess.’

According to Daily Mail, Dalton took a sip of his cup before announcing, ‘This tastes like watermelon. I never had that before.’

Check out the clip below and try to decipher if Dalton is manufacturing insanity to defer his atrocity to a mental illness (which would ultimately help his situation), or the dude is just a first-class piece of shit.

When asked how she is doing now, Tiana tearfully responded, ‘Every single day I hurt. Every single day. Every single day.’

[h/t Daily Mail]