Uber Will Deliver You Puppies To Chill With. Little Furry Cute AF Puppies That Are Down To Hang

As part of various their Super Bowl promotions (and company rebranding) Uber will be delivering puppies nationwide today for anyone who wants to kick it with some adorable furballs. I make no attempts to hide the fact that I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to dogs, I love the shit out of my Bernese Mountain Dog, and if I’m passing a puppy on the street there’s a damn good chance that I’m stopping to scratch that little tike behind the ear. That’s why I’m pretty f’n stoked on this Uber promotion that’s running nationwide today.

Uber announced their puppy delivery service and other Super Bowl promotions in a recent blog post:


Not into football? That’s cool. Paws whatever you’re doing, because Animal Planet — and their puppies — are coming straight to you.

WHAT We’ve teamed up with Animal Planet, the SF SPCA, Peninsula Humane Society, and Berkeley Humane Society to bring you a pack of puppies on demand.
WHERE Puppies will be available on-demand in the Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Denver, Phoenix, and Washington DC
WHEN 11am-2pm local time, Wednesday February 3
HOW Request the PUPPIES icon in the app beginning at 11am. If you’re lucky, a puppy squad and their coaches will come by for a cuddle huddle, and you’ll be charged $30
In addition, this Wednesday two MVP driver-partners will be surprised with tickets to the Big Game.

So if you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, LA, the O.C., NYC, Denver, Phoenix, and/or Washington D.C. then fire up your Uber app today and have some little munchkins delivered to your house, apartment, office, dorm, strip club, gun range, or wherever the hell it is you are today.