How To Take The Ultimate Texas BBQ Road Trip

There are few foods I dream of more than BBQ. There’s nothing quite like chomping into some juicy, fatty beef brisket that’s been made with tender loving care of a se pitmaster. In the spirit of summer and road trippin’ across the country with your Bros, we put together a little video guide to the best BBQ spots in Texas. A bunch of favorites make the list: Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, John Mueller Meat Co, Black’s BBQ in Lockheart, Louie Mueller in Taylor, and the treasured Salt Lick in Driftwood — which might as well be a National Heritage Site.

Just take a look at these pics off The Salt Lick’s Facebook page and tell me that you’re not craving smoked meats and an ice cold Shiner Bock. That’s livin’, man. In the words of the great Patron Saint of Texas:

The pics alone will give you the meat sweats. I’m so damn hungry right now.

I would gladly go in a food coma

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