Heroic Bro From The University Of Georgia Bought 5,000 Shots For Everyone At A UGA Bar

This University of Georgia bro pulled off a storied bro move and helped fuel efforts to drink a bar dry last night when he threw down all the munz for 5,000 shots — a drink for every willing body around for the offer. I can’t help but picture that moment of manic euphoria that must’ve washed over him, as it will anyone doing something for the pure fucking thrill of it (or the dude needed to get laid and that was the most surefire way to make it happen), and the fallout sometime this morning when he checked his bank account to realize he probs spent upwards of like $20,000. He’s going to have some trouble trying to ‘return’ that short-sighted investment, but damn me if he’ll go down in history as a legend that made sure everyone was having a decent enough time before he went potentially bankrupt.

A bartender from the Georgia bar where it all went down told the press:

“So the guy comes in 100 Proof of Athens randomly on Thursdays and does this. Usually he buys 50 shots at a time or a round for the whole bar. He’s stepped his game up and bought 3-4 rounds of 1000 at a time last night so probably 5k shots total. I’m always his bartender, here is my whole snap story from last night. I was working so I couldn’t take as much as normal.”

Just an idea I’ll float out there, but I think this guy should consider throwing his fuck-it money at something potentially more rewarding in the long run like perhaps buying a bar–this fucking bar?–and running his own business where any thirsty patron can enjoy a round on the house at the passing of every hour.

[H/T: TFM]