When You Ask People Who Hate Their State To Describe It In One Sentence, You Get Absolute Gems Like These

I’m from New Jersey. Unless you’re from New Jersey, you’re not allowed to talk shit.

You can’t really understand New Jersey unless you’ve lived here for at least a decade. You’re basing the opinion on a couple visits, things you’ve heard, or a couple awful reality shows. It’s the same reason I don’t go around saying shit about Pennsylvania, even though I lived in that state for two year. Two long, awful years.

Only people from a state can speak on life in that state. That’s what makes these state summarizations so hilarious.

A European asked people on Reddit to “summarize their state in one sentence” because “as a European, it’s quite difficult for me to distinguish between the different states in the U.S.” He wanted to know “What are the things everyone should know” about¬†each state.

Reddit, as always, did not disappoint. Let’s see if you can figure out the state just by shape and asshole comments.

The answers are: New Jersey (top of the post), Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Alabama and New York.

To check out all fifty states, click here.

[H/T: 22 Words]

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