Don’t Try This Used Condom Prank On Your Girlfriend Unless You Have A Death Wish

Pranks are cheeky fun. Except for the pranks those that could get you killed. I’m not trying to get 493 YouTube views for a dumb joke in the hood that enrages some gangsta with a Glock 18. I also don’t understand playing a prank on a woman and making her fly off into a fit of rage over a fake cheating scenario, but this dude did and he lived to tell about it.

This brave/dumb gentleman thought it was a fantastic idea to pretend that he cheated on his girlfriend by planting what appeared to be a used condom underneath their bed. Quite the opposite of the natural instincts of a man, which is embedded in their DNA to ensure that used condoms are properly disposed of.

At the 3:40 mark the girlfriend finds the condom that appears to have jizz inside, but it’s actually lotion. The prankster is Prettyboy Fredo, who has nearly 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He nearly gets his ass beat by his girl after she believes that he cheated on her. He really picked the wrong time to pull off this prank because his girl was using crutches that she used to hit him at the 5:30 mark.

The girlfriend is sooooo pissed off that she begins packing her shit and ready to move out. She even puts a hole through the wall. He reveals that this is a prank and she angrily begins to laugh. This dude is nuts for pulling a cheating prank on a girlfriend that was armed with weaponized crutches that could have done some real damage.