Video Of Bam Margera Getting Knocked Out Or Knocking Himself Out During A Brawl In Iceland

TMZ obtained video footage of Bam Margera getting involved in a fracas in Iceland. On Saturday, the Jackass star was at the Secret Solstice Festival when things escalated and Bam found himself bruised, beaten and knocked out.

A spokesman from the festival told TMZ that Margera was in a “really weird condition” and apparently tried pushing his way into a production room and began verbally abusing two women who were obstructing his entrance. According to witnesses on the scene, Bam appeared to be very intoxicated.

However Bam has a different story and says the attack had nothing to do with the women. He says he was brutally attacked by “a scumbag” who helps run the festival.

Bam seems to have gotten into an altercation with Icelandic rapper Gísli Palmi, the gentleman in the yellow jacket, then Margera gets suckerpunched from behind and falls to his knees. A member of his entourage pulls him from the shitstorm, but Margera trips or loses consciousness and plummets to the ground. While he’s falling he smashes his head into a steel beam. And his friend falls ontop of him.

This isn’t the first trouble that Margera has gotten in Iceland, in 2012 he trashed a rented Toyota Landcruiser, refused to pay for the damages and was arrested at Keflavik Airport.

So there’s your update on washed up reality stars from the mid-2000’s.