Spank Bank: Video Shows Bank Employees Getting Publicly Spanked For Poor Performance


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How does your boss motivate you? Threaten to fire your pathetic ass? Offer bonuses for exceptional output? Yell at you? Take away your free lunch Wednesdays? Well at one bank in China they spank their employees for poor performance. Spank bank, China you’re doing it wrong.

A video has surfaced online of a training session for over 200 employees at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank in northern China on Saturday. During the session things got weird. Employees were publicly spanked for poor performance. The speaker told the eight employees that were on stage that they did not “exceed themselves.” They he tell them, “get your butts ready” and proceeds to spank them with a stick or piece of wood. One woman covered her buttocks with her hands to shield her keister from the spanking. That never works, you only get more spankings. You know that there were at least 20 creepy dudes with turgid erections in the audience as these corrective measures took place on their coworkers.

Do you know many BDSM-loving dudes who pay mistresses to dominate them just applied to work at banks in China? Makes sense since it costs $500 an hour for the services of a dominatrix. At least that’s what a friend told me.

Video of the incident was posted on the Facebook page of the People’s Daily China.

There are also reports that the trainer cut and shaved the workers’ hair.

From the BBC:

The trainer, Jiang Yang, has issued an apology, saying the spanking was “a training model I have tried for years” and had not been instigated by executives at the bank.

The bank’s chairman and deputy governor had been suspended for “failing to strictly check the content of the course.”

Hey Donald Trump, what do you say about this behavior by China?

That’s pretty much what I expected.


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