Incredible Video Shows Rescue Workers And Citizens Lift A Car Off A Woman Trapped Underneath It

With all the shitty news of late (damn you, Hulkster) every now and then it’s nice to see people doing something good, right?

Well, it doesn’t get much more good than this video showing Dallas police officers, firefighters and good Samaritans lifting a car, by hand, off a poor woman who was trapped underneath it.

In video released by the Dallas Police Department you can see the woman riding a motorcycle then suddenly slamming into a car, which proceeds to roll over the top of her pinning her underneath.

Once police arrived their first attempt at using a jack to lift the car failed. That’s when the decision was made for everyone on hand including police officers, fire and rescue, as well as just regular citizens who had raced over to help, to try to lift the car by hand.

“I was like, there’s enough of us here, let’s just lift it up, let’s go,” said Dallas Police Officer Laura Beddow at a later press conference.

The woman did sustain serious injuries, but at least now she has the chance to recover thanks to the help and quick thinking of some amazing people.

The driver of the car in the incident was cited for failure to use a signal.

Here’s the footage that was released by the Dallas Police Department in its entirety.

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