Watch This CRAZY Video Where A Sea Lion Goes All Harambe And Snatches Up A Girl

by 3 years ago

“AWWWWW! Look at that ADORABLE sea lion. It kinda looks like a doggy that swims in the water and has cute whiskers. Awww he tried to kiss me. Let me get closer for a smooch.”


The sea lion goes all Harambe and grabs the little girl and drags her into the murky waters.

This harrowing scene went down at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada this weekend.

Within a half of a second, some old dude jumps right into the water to save the girl. He rescues the girl, but does he get a “thank you” from the girl’s family? Nope. Have some gratitude that your young daughter wasn’t served as sea lion lunch.

Newsflash it’s called a “sea lion” not a “sea puppy.”

This sea lion is so lucky this is Canada, if this had happened in the grand U.S. of A four people would have had guns drawn and pumping hot lead into that aquatic dog. The sea lion would have been the aquatic animal martyr version of Harambe.

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