Guy Finds 60-Year-Old Unused Condoms Worth $50 Because They Look Like A Form Of Torture

vintage trojan condoms lead

We’ve all been there. Well, at least, those of us that actually use condoms and don’t think they’re invincible only to end up with five forms of fresh STDs. I’m talking about finding old, unused condoms and seeing the expiration date.

Maybe you’ve got a week left and you go into desperation mode, so none of the rubbers go to waste. Your expectations hit record lows all in an effort to get some kinda bang for your buck. You’re laying down game on a female with a FUPA at the dive bar and she’s eye-humping the Pizza Hut across the street.

Then, there are the times when you find your grandfather’s unused condoms in a metal tin that you almost thought were Altoids. Oddly enough, my buddy still puts his condoms in an Altoids tin to make them “curiously strong”. He hates kids. Anyway, these vintage rubbers don’t have an expiration date. Maybe you think about testing them out. Or you could sell that tin on eBay for like $50 and score a variety pack of new ones to not use.

Here are the pics of the tin and its crypt-like contents…

Here are the best comments on Reddit:

If you tie them tight enough, your ‘stuff’ won’t come out!

Is there anything worse than throwing out expired condoms? YES, using expired condoms and finding your faith.

From now on, everyone refer to your pharmacist as your druggist.

Seriously, what’s up with ’50s boobs? I love ’em, but I do not understand them.

These are the preferred rubbers of Tracy Morgan.

Now you know why you have like 15 uncles and aunts.

I threw that last one in here because anyone from Mercer County or the surrounding areas would appreciate that. Trenton has a bridge that say, “Trenton Makes, The World Takes”. As in “Trenton Makes Condoms, The World Takes On Babies”.

One interesting note was how the tin had “electric meter tested” on it. For some reason, people must’ve though some guy pops his corn into one of these and gets tased or something, but thankfully, there’s a video showing the process.

Not sure why there’s softcore porn music in the background unless they’re trying to super-serve the latex fetish / “electric meter maids”. That’s what I call female fans of electric meter testing.

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