Walmart Is Opening Up An In-Store Restaurant That Solely Offers Deep-Fried State Fair Foods Aaaand I Just Got Diabetes

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Bro, you looking to get diabetes? All you have to do is board a flight to Plano, Texas at the end of the month and delve into the offerings at State Fair Treats, a new in-store restaurant in Walmart that will serve classic gut-busting, deep fried fair foods.

The Dallas News reports that the restaurant, which will open September 20, will serve “cookie fries and funnel cake fries along with corn dogs, deep-fried hash browns stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese and some new creations.”  I’d face fuck all of those offerings.

These cookie fries were named “Most Creative” at the Texas State Fair.

Breakfast from the State Fair of Texas! #CookieFries #FriedJello #CleanEating

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The restaurant, which Walmart hopes will help phase of the current McDonald’s and Subway currently in-store, is the brain child of Isaac Rousso, a Dallas-born entrepreneur who became famous for his highly popular creations at the State Fair of Texas. He anticipates that the store will serve up to 2 million people in the upcoming year.

The store will open exclusively in Plano, Texas but Walmart expects to roll out the chain in other stores, depending on its success. I’ll save you the suspense, Walmart–it will kill, both business-wise and like human-wise.

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I just shit my pants looking at these pictures.

No word on whether or not Walmart will be investing in more motorized carts to accompany the State Fair Treats grand opening.

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