This Website Tells You How Likely That A Robot Will Take Your Job

by 11 months ago
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Older generations had it so easy when it came to predicting what careers to pursue. The same jobs were available for decades and even generations with little or no change. However, thanks to robots, artificial intelligence, and automation, today’s jobs face an uncertain future. What may appear to be a fantastic job now may not exist in only a few years. A new website will estimate how likely jobs are to be done by robots in the future.

Will robots take my job?” is a site that allows you to explore careers and see the chances that it will be replaced by a robot, automation or a computer. The website gives you a large selection of occupations and then gives you the percentage that it will be outsourced to robots.

This is a great web-based tool for you to explore jobs and careers before you spend your hand-earned money or your parents’ hard-earned money for college or a technical school with a major that will be worthless in a few years. The website will also provide you with the automation risk level, plus statistics from the Bureau of Labor including projected growth by the year 2024, median annual wage, and people employed in that occupation as of last year. The useful site was created by designer-developer duo Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal.

NPR also has their own predictive tool that also gives you the chances of the robot rebellion hitting your job.

Let’s just hope that all of these robots don’t become self-aware, take over our society, and evolve into our robotic overlords.



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