Chef Is Catering To Marijuana Foodies With Revolutionary Flavorless (And Potent) THC-Butter

by 4 years ago

A San Franciscan chef named Jeff is making waves in the marijuana edibles world after pioneering a ‘flavorless cannabutter’, a THC-infused butter that can be used to prepare food dishes for people seeking the effects of marijuana without all the smoke.

For those of you who are familiar with cannabutter, you obviously recognize the advantages of having a cannabis butter without any flavor. It would enable you to cook up any dish (involving butter) without transferring the marijuana scent and flavor to the dish. And for those of you that aren’t familiar with cannabutter and edibles, I HIGHLY suggest you read this post I did a few weeks back detailing ‘How To Make Weed Brownies‘.

So what exactly does a flavorless THC-infused cannabutter mean for edibles? It means you could season a steak in weed, and not have it taste like grass. It means you could bake the world’s most delicious cheesecake, and it wouldn’t come out green and tasting like a 100-year-old forest fire. As you can see by the end of the video, he’s able to prepare any flavorful dish in the world (that involves butter), and whoever eats it is ingesting THC just as they would from typical ‘ol pot brownies or weed ice cream.


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