Ben & Jerry Talked About Releasing A ‘Weed-Infused Ice Cream’ And Here’s What We Know So Far

The ‘Ice Cream Kings of Vermont’ recently went on camera and spoke about the potential for a weed-infused ice cream in the future, and we like what Ben and Jerry had to say.

Vermont could be the next state to legalize marijuana for recreational usage, and the biggest names in ice cream ‘Ben & Jerry’ have long been synonymous with jambands and weed culture (with Grateful Dead and Phish flavors already in existence). The confectionery duo recently went on HuffPo Live and were asked about whether or not they’d consider releasing a weed-infused ice cream, and naturally they were all for it. Only they were forced to backpedal a little and admit that decisions such as this are not entirely up to their wants and needs, and it’d have to be approved by many others.

Mary Jane Gibson at High Times reports:

“Makes sense to me,” Cohen said, while savoring a bite of ice cream. “Combine your pleasures.” Greenfield stopped short of fully endorsing a Ben & Jerry’s weed-filled flavor; he told HuffPo’s Alyona Minkovski that he and Cohen have had “previous experiences with substances,” and said, “I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail.”

We all know Ben & Jerry love the herb. Satisfy My Bowl, Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, and, wait for it—the Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Encore Edition—have all made their appearance on the company’s famed flavor roster. Clearly, the brand caters to cannabis enthusiasts.

A Ben & Jerry’s weed-infused ice cream is truly the dream for most stoners, but if this story of a couple who ‘ate weed-infused ice cream, began to hallucinate, stripped down naked and ran outside’ is to be believed then there are some serious risks with a company as large as Ben & Jerry’s releasing a weed-infused ice cream.

Personally I think that story above was a bit embellished, but as I wrote this piece on ‘How To Make Weed Brownies‘ here a few weeks ago after I ate a brownie that completely floored me for over 24-hours: there is a serious risk when eating edibles that are too strong. That said, as long as the same regulation was applied to the ice cream that is applied to edibles sold from marijuana dispensaries, everyone would be just fine.


How many months (or years) will pass until we see a Ben & Jerry’s weed-infused ice cream?

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