Here’s What Oxycontin Does To Your Body And Brain — You Know Oxy, That Drug Everyone Overdoses On?

Honestly I hope that I’m in a unique position here and that most of you bros can’t relate, but I’ve known at least 5 people (mostly acquaintances) who have overdosed on oxycontin over the past decade. I’ve been told by a physician’s assistant that Florida accounts for more Opioid prescriptions each year than all other 49 states COMBINED, most of which go to the elderly, but a large number of that filters down to drug-abusing millennials who unfortunately get addicted to these drugs pretty quickly.

Well put together an interactive GIF, showing exactly what opioids like oxycodone and oxycontin do the the brain and body.

Doesn’t really seem worth all that crippling addiction and dependency on drugs, does it?

For the full functionality of the GIF you’ll have to follow this link on over to!