Watch A Wife Go Completely Mental On Her Cheating Husband’s Car With Her Bare Hands

A wife in Nanjing, China lost her damn mind and apparently her ability to feel pain when she found out that her husband had been having an affair.

In the video above, the woman completely wrecks her husband’s car using a brick and her BARE HANDS to show her displeasure with his cheating ways. She slams the brick on the front window to smash the glass, then with no regard for her own health or personal safety proceeds to use her bare hands to peel apart the window bit by bit.

Next, she moves to the driver’s side window, which breaks much, much easier (maybe she should have started there) raining glass on her husband who is just sitting there in the driver’s seat like a dope.

Eventually… the husband exits the car, but she’s still not having it, giving him a few serious slaps across the face with her now very bloodied fingers.

It’s at this point the police arrive and we fade to black, thus ending another love story gone awry.

So glad I’m not married.