Remember That Ex-Wife Who Refused $975 Million Divorce Check? She Cashed It



Well, well, well, it appears that someone has realized that $1 billion is a shitload of money.

This week the story of Oklahoma oil tycoon and his wife divorcing became national news when the ex-wife declined a check for $974.8 million. Her rejection of the nearly $1 billion payout was a clear-cut sign that Sue Ann Arnall, who was married for 26 years, was going to take Harold Hamm to court in hopes of more money. However Sue has had a change of heart.

Michael Burrage, Hamm’s attorney, told CNBC the following, “We have been advised by Morgan Stanley that Ms. Arnall deposited the check this afternoon.” Hamm’s lawyer went on to say, “Normally when someone accepts the benefits, the appeal is dismissed.”

Hamm, the chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources, has to be stoked about these new developments especially since this dummy didn’t get a pre-nup. A long drawn-out court case could have resulted in him writing a much higher check. Arnall claimed that her ex-husband is worth $18 billion, and half of that is much, much worse than $974.8 million. Not to mention paying his lawyers for such a high profile divorce case would be a pricey endeavor. Plus he would probably be on the hook for paying her lawyers if he lost in court. His only regret is probably not paying her with one of those giant checks that’s like six feet wide. And maybe not getting a pre-nup. And getting married.

Meanwhile Arnall, who had already received more than $20 million during the divorce proceedings, gets a Scrooge McDuck bank vault of cash right now that should be enough for her to continue her lavish lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. She gets the couple’s Oak Ridge Ranch in Carmel, California, which was purchased in 2011 for $14.7 million. The ex-wife also received two of their Oklahoma properties.

Fuck. I need to marry a mulch-billionaire.