Woman Gets Her Boyfriend Destroyed On Train Because She Spit On Another Man

by 3 years ago

Are you in a relationship with a female who easily gets belligerent, runs her mouth on strangers (Especially the largest motherfucker in the goddamn building) and then tells them that you will kick their ass even though she instigated the tense situation and you had nothing to do with the squabble?









You may have been lucky thus far in that dysfunctional romance, but eventually it is going to bite you in the ass and some MMA dude is going to knock you into next week because of your chick’s wicked attitude that she can’t back up. But you don’t have to take my word for it, take this unfortunate man’s miserable experience where he gets his nasal cavity punched into the back of his head all because his chick couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

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