Woman With No Feet Who Won A Treadmill On ‘The Price Is Right’ Reacts To The Internet Blowing Up On Jimmy Kimmel

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We recently published a story about the woman in a wheelchair who won a treadmill on The Price is Right. Cringeworthy, we know.

Of course, a bunch of Internet jerkoffs were all pissed off at The Price is Right because people love to assign others rage, even if the person who affected takes it in stride. Shit, that was a pun. No turning back now. But the treadmill winner, Danielle Perez, couldn’t have been a better sport about it.

Danielle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night and was downright hilarious about the whole situation. She joked how she’ll keep the treadmill and use it as a piece of furniture “like everyone else does.” Truer words have never been spoken.

After guessing within a dollar (more or less) how much a jar of peanut butter costs, Kimmel awarded Danielle with a prize that we all could use: an all-expensed paid cruise on the Royal Caribbean, with wheelchair access amenities.

I hope Danielle meets the love of her life on the cruise like I did when I was 16. Ashley, if you’re reading this: IT’S STILL NOT OVER FOR ME.


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