You May Want To Change Your iPhone’s Security Settings After Hearing This Story About A Girl Trying To Return A Lost Phone



I’m an open book. I’ve gone on the record many times telling you strangers about my shortcomings–micropenis, moderate to severe drinking problem, shitting my pants that time, the list goes on. This could explain why I not only don’t have a passcode on my phone, but I allow for text message previews so when my dad texts me “You were a mistake,” everyone in the vicinity can see it. Hey dad, go sit on a cactus.

Anyway, I can get over strangers learning that I was a mistake but when my phone’s security settings allow for them to have access to information that could get me killed, it may be time for a change. This woman who found an iPhone in a cab attempted to return it by using Siri as her guide and found that Siri is a fucking snitch who doesn’t have the owners best interest in mind.

Check out the woman document her experience below and make the settings change on your iPhone if you don’t want to be butchered by a serial killer.

Bro, I’m literally outside your place looking in your window. Thanks Siri.

[h/t Some eCards]