14 Women Reveal The Best Ways A Guy Has Asked Them Out

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Without a doubt, the hardest part of dating is asking a girl out.

It’s tough for women because they’re used to dealing with a bunch of creeps coming up to them and it’s tough for guys because you can’t say, “hi, I’m not a creep I promise.”

If you’re looking for a unique way to ask a lady out, some women on Reddit discussed their most memorable date proposals. Some of them are even married now, so if that’s your goal, they work!

Rush Hour

Not my story but a friend of my family.
He was stuck in gridlock LA traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway. Being close to losing his mind he decided to roll down his window and start chatting with the woman in the car next to him. They hit it off and he asked if she wanted to get off at the next exit and get some coffee. They’ve been married for about eight years now. 🙂

The Bar Tab

Went to lunch with this guy at a local pub. We decided after lunch to walk around the neighborhood. I really had to pee and we were outside this other restaurant I really like so we went in. After a few drinks, he went to the bathroom and I paid for the drinks. He asked for the check when he got back but the waiter just brought me my receipt to sign. He said he’s never had a girl buy his drinks and what would his mother say to this? The restaurant gives a post card with the tab so I handed it over and told him to write her about it. He handed it back after writing “mom- this girl just bought my drinks. Not sure how to feel about this…. Maybe I should take her to dinner this weekend.” I thought it was cute. And I said yes.

Early Drinks

Whale, a group of my friends decided to go out after work for some drinks, and he was going so I asked him what time we were all meeting. He told me 5:30, so I arrive fashionably late at 5:45…only to find him at the table, alone. I walked up and sat down, thinking everyone else was running late. We start chatting and quickly realize we have a lot of similarities, and I’m hooked. Around 7 pm everyone else starts arriving and I’m curious as to why they were so late. They werent. He told me an earlier time so he could spend time with me and get to know me. That night we kissed and it has been sweet ever since.

The Ambulance

I was once stuck in really bad rush hour traffic on 95 when I heard a siren go off and a booming voice from a loudspeaker state “female in the gold honda”. I immediately started freaking out because I thought a cop was pulling me over with a loud speaker and really had no idea what I could’ve possibly done, so I kind of feigned ignorance and hoped it was all in my head. 10 seconds later I hear “BEAUTIFUL FEMALE IN THE GOLD HONDA!” — wait, what? I turn around to see an ambulance about two cars back to the right of me desperately trying to get my attention. The man driving the ambulance ended up asking me out over his loud speaker. It was definitely the best way I had ever been asked out just because it was so god damn random and hilarious.

“I Quit”

A guy quit his job for me. My dad was his boss and I worked there too. He was old fashioned and told my dad that he was planning on asking me out. My dad freaked and told him if he plans on dating me he needs to put in his two weeks and if he forgets about it he can continue working like nothing happened. He put in his two weeks the next day and we have been together ever since, that was 10 years ago. We only knew each other in passing and never said more than a few words here and there.

The Lottery Ticket

I work at a little popcorn stand once a week. Every week, this attractive, witty man came in to buy popcorn and flirt with me. Every week, he left a lottery ticket in the tip jar with his phone number on it.

One time he got up the courage to say, “if you don’t win this week, how about I take you out to a nice dinner to make up for it?” I thought it was very sweet, and we had already had fun flirting and joking around.

Too bad it turns out he was married… It’s kind of sad that you have to inquire about these things before you accept a date 😦

No Thanks

My personal favorite was the man who followed me for a block and announced, “Can I fuck you?”
Obviously I was thrilled. And by thrilled I mean I walked very quickly to my car.

The Dare

I was at the student center in college on my laptop or something when this guy comes up to me and says “You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen all day.” I responded with something like “Who put you up to this dare?”

We talked for a bit and exchanged phone numbers cause why not. He was really cocky and a year younger than me, but we hung out a lot cause he lived really close to me and I didn’t have many friends. We became good friends and I became good friends with his brothers and some other people he hung out with too. We didn’t start dating until several years later when he was less annoying and less cocky. Now we’re married and he’s sitting really close to the TV playing Mass Effect shirtless. Score!

The Painting

A guy I dated in high school knew I painted a lot. So he asked me if I could paint his mom something for Mother’s Day, bouquet of flowers or something Hallmark-y. He then told me he already got a frame that he and his brother personalized so he needed the painting to be a specific size. He then gave me the cardstock one day after school, and when I started to paint, I realized that he wrote “Will you be mine?” in white crayon causing it to show through the watercolors.

The Barista

I once dated the barista who worked at the coffee shop inside of my university’s library. Every time I went in to the coffee shop, we smiled at each other. I never ever thought anything would come of it though.

One day I was sitting in the library typing away on my computer. I hear someone say, “excuse me, can I sit down next to you for a bit?”

I look up, and it’s the adorable barista. He asks me, “Hey, I think you’re beautiful, and I was wondering if I could take you on a date sometime?”

He’s so nervous, and it shows. He was blushing, and I thought it was absolutely adorable. I guess after I went in and got my coffee that day, he thought to himself “it’s now or never!” He asked his boss if he could take his break early to ask me out.

I was stunned, but I had thought he was cute for ages. I told him that I would love to go on a date with him, and we exchanged numbers. Some people sitting near me saw what happened and were giving me thumbs ups behind his back.

Before he went back to work he added, “Oh, my name is ______, by the way.” That kinda made me giggle, because he was wearing his work name tag.

I told him my name and he replied, “I know, I remember!” He smiled at me once more, and headed back to work.

I got a text from him just a few minutes later.

Not the most unique, but definitely memorable!

Hot Chocolate

I once ordered a tall hot chocolate from a coffee shop. The guy behind the counter said “Oh, so you want to order me?” Panties hit the floor.

Harry Potter

I got an invitation in the mail with the return address as “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Crush at the time wrote me an invitation to homecoming as Professor Mcgonagall (in green ink and everything) even though I knew how much he hated any show of school spirit/dancing.

The Beef Dip

When I was a server, I had a handsome gentlemen ask me a couple questions about the specials and then he proceeded to say “so I can have anything I want, on this menu?”… of course you can!, I replied.
He dropped the menu flat to the floor, and said “would you stand on this for me?”
I was flattered, it was witty, made me blush, but I’m gay so he ended up having the beef dip.

The Receipt

I was driving around town after work, windows down- it was a gorgeous October day. I noticed two guys in a car next to me, one in civilian clothes, the other in his ABUs (Air Force uniform). I thought it was adorable that they were together because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell had just been repealed. I kept driving.

A friend prank called me and asked if I had any condoms, so I was laughing. We hung up and I was singing along to a Christina Aguilera song(“I Hate Boys”). I stopped at an intersection and glanced in my rearview and saw a man running, full tilt, toward my car. I was so shocked that I didn’t think to lock my doors or anything. He got to my car, threw a slip of paper in, and ran off. It happened so fast I didn’t even really see him.

The slip of paper was a receipt from some dinosaur park in Texas, and on the back was a scribbled phone number, all bumpy from being written on a car dashboard in a rush. I’m pretty sure I sat in my car with my mouth agape for like five minutes- I nearly missed the light when it turned green. I watched as the guy drove past me- it was the man in civilian clothes that I thought was gay.

I went home and tried to work up the courage to call him, but I chickened out and texted him instead.

I said- “Is this the crazy fucker that threw his phone number into my car?”

And he replied- “Is this the crazy girl who is texting me back?”

We were inseparable after that. We’ve been married for two years now. I dug out the receipt to show you guys.

Front: http://imgur.com/mXbEk8s Back: http://imgur.com/4PR5ZVI 

I wrote the date on it later, and I tried to cover up the rest of his phone number and the other stuff I wrote (his name, the intersection)

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