Man Chops 124 Coconuts In Half In Less Than 60 Seconds, Proves Anything Is Possible

About two weeks ago I was strolling through the produce section at Publix and decided to throw a coconut in my shopping basket. Once I got that coconut home I grabbed my hammer and a nail to open the coconut in the only way I know how by releasing the milk through the three holes and then peeling away the impossibly strong coconut bark.

It took me probably a good 30 minutes to make proper work of the coconut. And then this morning I see a 25-year-old mechanic chopping 124 coconuts with his bare hands in under 60 seconds. I’ve never chopped anything 124 times in 60 seconds, certainly not coconuts, and I’m honestly not certain that I’d be able to chop 10 coconuts in half even if I was given 10 hours. By chopping 124 coconuts open in under 60 seconds this is supposedly a new world record.

This is an impressive feat, albeit a totally useless one in modern society, but impressive nonetheless.

I highly encourage all you bros to get out there and try this yourselves this weekend, film it, and send me the video. Put it on Twitter using the hashtag #BroBibleCoconutChallange or tag me in it (@casspa on Twitter). If the video’s good I’ll happily feature it here.

(h/t Huffington Post)

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