Kid Picks WORST Place Imaginable To Hide His Used Condoms From His Parents When They Come Home Unexpectedly

You know the best place to hide your used condoms where your parents won’t find them? Your underwear drawer. If you’re old enough to be having sex then there’s no reasonable excuse for your mom to still be the one folding and putting away all your laundry, and what reason do your parents have to go snoopin’ around in your whitey-tidey drawer? None…unless they’re weird and intrusive and like the smell of your freshly busted nut in their nose. As for Redditor asiancondom123, it appears that his parents aren’t particularly nosey; he’s just dumb:

The fuck up happened about a week ago during Chinese New Year. So a little background of me first: 19, male, Chinese, family is VERY old school so I am not even allowed to date until I start to work.

I started dating when I was 15, so I have to be very careful to prevent my family from knowing that. After 3 years, I finally invited her to my place since my parents are out of town for 2 days before Chinese New Year to visit some relatives. We hooked up like crazy for like 2 days straight.

Then I woke up in the morning feeling great about myself, I hear my parents voice outside my room. I suddenly realised my parents will be back in the morning, but I fucked way too much to forget that. My girlfriend knew about my family so she quickly packed all of her staff and jumped out of the window, and I hide every used condom, tissue paper into a empty chocolate box. Then my parents just came in so I just threw the box on my bed.

Well as many of you may know, in Chinese New Year, we clean staff and put up red items like a Chinese candy box. So they clean my bed, and that is ok because they didnt open it. The bad thing is I totally forgot about it.

After a day all of my relatives came and there were a lot of them. Even my parents did not expect all of them to visit on the same day. All of the snacks were gone in a few minutes, so they had to look for more. Then they took out a chocolate box from my room, and I could only freeze in my own fear. All of the used condom and tissue paper put in a box for a day was dropped onto the candy box. I could already smell it from like 3 meters away. Everyone were shocked about it and I was literally got locked in my rooms for like a week until I can have access to the outside world and internet…

[Via Reddit]