The Insane Pranks Darby Allin Pulls On His Friends Will Make You Wonder How He Has Any

All Elite Wrestling

How do you have fun with your buddies?

I’ll start: Typically, we throw on the War On Drugs album, guzzle six-to-eight craft beers a piece, and wonder what life would be like if we were all single again. Hunny, if you’re reading this, it’s just a mental exercise and I’ll be home by 8 to watch 90 Day Fiancé. Please prepare the ball gag.

All Elite Wrestling TNT Champ Darby Allin expresses his friendship slightly differently. Like bathing his brother in rotten milk <3 or getting the gang together for a casual game of Dog Poop Fight Club <3 <3. Good clean fun.

The 28-year-old Jackass manifestation joined our Endless Hustle Podcast presented by Boston Market for a fascinating look into the man behind the skeleton makeup.

He also let us in on the unconventional way in which he welcomes his friends when they visit him from out of state, and I nearly had a panic attack.

“My friend looks like a tweaker, so we’d have him go to the gas station and sit there. Then I pick someone else up from the airport who doesn’t know that friend. So we’d pick him up then I’d stop at the gas station, and my friend would walk up to the car and act like a hitchhiker. And I’m like ‘Shit, man. You mind if we give this guy a ride?’ And the person I picked up from the airport would be like, ‘Absolutely.’

So we’d be in the back and we’d be driving and then the fake hitchhiker would start asking all these random questions and halfway through the drive he’d pull out a switchblade and hold it up in the backseat of the car. So the person thinks I’m getting murdered.”

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing allows me to unwind after a long flight quite like confronting death. Really resets the soul. May have to pocket this one for when grandma flies in.

Listen to our entire conversation with the Champ below. We discuss:

  • His worst injuries from wrestling and urban skating
  • His relationship with the Jackass guys and the outrageous stunts he pulls on his friends
  • One night stands
  • Why he doesn’t connect with other wrestlers
  • And of course, Dog Poop Fight Club

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