Ray J Copped A Couple Of Actual Goats To Celebrate His Audio Company Reaching $100 Million Revenue Milestone

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Ray J’s audio company Raycon is sneaky becoming a prominent player in a space that has been dominated by the Apples and Beats of the world.

Raycon Global, which sells premium headphones for reasonable prices, recently hit $100 million in revenue and 1 million unique customers worldwide after making $4 million in just four days in the lead-up to last Christmas.

In celebration of the milestone, the 40-year-old singer and entrepreneur did what any other reasonable man in his position would do: copped himself a couple goats. Sorry, *G.O.A.T.S.

We sat down with Ray J on our Endless Hustle to discuss the impetus of the goat-procuring process, and whether or not this was just a gimmick.

It is not. He owns the goats. He loves the goats. The goats are his family.

“I’m in Miami now, and my friends bought some animals over for my daughter to enjoy—little ponies and a couple of goats.

And I’m like, ‘Yo my daughter and son love the goats. How much for the goats?’ And they’re like, ‘They’re not for sale.’ And so I told them a number that I felt they couldn’t refuse and they let me have the goats. So I felt it was a good message to represent G.O.A.T.

The goats are cool, they’re like mini goats, like dogs. During the milking process, I don’t do any of that. So they go to another place for that. But as far as their day-to-day, the goats are here and they’re really safe.”

Check out our entire interview with Ray J (and Chanel West Coast) below:

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